Consortium of SUPply Chain & Operations Management


CSU-POM, Inc. is to disseminate Supply Chain & Operations Management (broadly defined) research and practices to researchers, educators and practitioners by facilitating the exchange of ideas leading to the theoretical and applied research through CSUPOM conferences and the Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Management (JSCOM) (formerly California Journal of Operations Management: CJOM). CSUPOM conferences are held annually to discuss the current issues and directions in Supply Chain & Operations Management curricula and research so that Supply Chain & Operations Management faculty will continue to strive for research and teaching excellence, as well as classroom application of real-world practices. JSCOM (ISSN: 2167-7115) is a double blind peer reviewed scholarly journal established in 2003 and listed in the Cabell's Directory of Refereed Publications. The main purpose of JSCOM is to provide a place for sharing original applied and theoretical research in supply chain and operations management (broadly defined). The Journal has evolved as an innovative publication for scholars and practitioners to exchange their ideas and results in integrated and interdisciplinary research, teaching, and practice of supply chain and operations management with both empirical and analytical approaches.


Mission Statement